Matthew Kirkham

TV Credits
My Credits
Escape to the Chateau: DIY, Channel 4
Shooting P/D, Kindling Media

Grand Designs: House of the Year
, Channel 4
Producer/Director & Edit Producer, Boundless Productions

Aeroplane Factory (w/t), More 4
Shooting P/D, Whitworth Media

Property Restoration Series
(w/t), More 4
Series P/D, Windfall Films

Made in Britain, ITV 4
Shooting P/D, Daisybeck Studios

£10k Holiday Homes, ITV 1
Shooting P/D, Betty

Village of the Year, Channel 4
Shooting P/D, Reef Television

Cabins in the Wild with Dick Strawbridge, Channel 4
Shooting P/D, Plum Pictures

Pop Up Start Up, CNBC
Shooting P/D & Edit Producer, Hub TV

The Secret Helpers, BBC Two
Shooting P/D, BBC Studios

The National Lottery Live, BBC One
Shooting P/D, Princess Productions

Come Dine with Me, Channel 4
Shooting P/D, Shiver

The Big Spring Clean, Channel 4
VT Director, October Films

Nev’s Indian Call Centre, UKTV Watch
Shooting P/D & Edit Producer, Liberty Bell Productions

Mary Portas: Secret Shopper, Channel 4
DV Director, Optomen Television

Yorkshire Rows, BBC Two
DV Director, Gogglebox Entertainment

Railroad Alaska, Discovery
DV Director,
Windfall Films

Singing in the Rainforest, UKTV Watch
DV Director,
Gogglebox Entertainment

Inside the Factory, BBC Two
Development Producer,
Voltage TV

The Secret life of Students, Channel 4
DV Director, Raw TV

Unsafe Sex in the City, BBC Three
Shooting AP,
Firecracker Films

Great British Budget Menu, BBC One
Shooting AP, Optomen Television

Mary Portas: Queen of the High Street, Channel 4
Shooting AP, Optomen Television

Fat Fighters, Channel 4
Shooting AP, Crackit Productions

Up For Hire and The Career Crashers, BBC Three
Shooting AP,
Love Productions

Gok’s Teens, Channel 4
Shooting AP,
Maverick TV

Animal Madhouse, Channel 4
Shooting AP, Maverick TV

To Buy Or Not To Buy, BBC One
Assistant Producer, BBC Birmingham

How To Look Good Naked, Channel 4
Shooting Researcher,
Maverick TV

Win My Wage, Channel 4
Assistant Producer, Hotbed Media

In The Grid, FIVE
Endemol UK

Vorderman’s Big Brain Game, Sky One
Hanrahan Media

Don’t mess with Miss Beckles, BBC Two
BBC Birmingham

No time for tea at Raj TV, BBC Two
BBC Birmingham

Trading Up, BBC One
BBC Birmingham

Gardener of the Year, BBC Two
BBC Birmingham

Gardeners’ World, BBC Two
BBC Birmingham

Gardeners’ World: Tatton Park Flower Show, BBC Two
Runner, BBC Birmingham

Date my Daughter, ITV 1
Research Assistant,
Hotbed Media

Houses Behaving Badly, BBC One
Runner, BBC Birmingham,

Sunday Style, BBC Two
Runner, BBC Birmingham

Mind Your Own Business, BBC One
Runner, BBC Birmingham

Garden Invaders, BBC One
Endemol UK

House Invaders, BBC One
Endemol UK

Design Wars, ITV1
Locations Assistant,
Talkback Thames

Sweet Medicine, ITV1
Runner, Carlton Television

Xposure, ITV1
Runner, Carlton Television

Beat the Nation, Channel 4
Junior Researcher,
Endemol UK